Crossfuse is a SaaS platform that helps companies with large dealer networks unify their brand presence and generate leads online. The feature set includes tools for campaign management, location-specific marketing, lead management, CRM, and performance measurement. This started as a skunkworks project within Three Deep, and is currently generating millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Users include:

Understanding the Market Need

After years of experience working with lead-generation clients, we found that many organizations rely on independent sales partners or larger channel partners to market and sell their products. For example, Marvin Windows are not sold by the parent company directly, but through certified contractors. Similarly, insurance policies often aren't sold directly from the providers themselves but through independent agents.

The problem was that parent companies did not have central control of their brand image and messaging at the consumer level, and marketing stipends were being used inefficiently with little to no measurement.

The Solution

We developed a platform that brings all of these marketing and sales efforts under one umbrella, giving the parent company the ability to control global aspects of design and content strategy, while giving the independent sales partners the ability to customize their individual presence with dealer-specific campaigns, ratings & reviews, and custom content.

Dealer Profile Builder

Lead Detail & CRM


Content Management



The Consumer Experience

Dealer-specific microsites were centerpiece of our first iteration but as the toolset became more and more indespensible to the client, we began to build custom add-ons and tools that included dealer locators and integrations into parent company websites.

Website Integrations

Dealer Locator

The Result

By leveraging the platform, clients and their dealers immediately began to see more qualified leads, more efficient lead nurturing, and lower cost-per-acquisition. All while preserving and potentially improving the integrity of their brands.

Crossfuse quickly became an integral part of our client's toolset, which opened several opportunities for custom integrations and additional professional services.

Rallying the Troops

As I mentioned above, this product was started inside an agency with a team of only 3-4 people. Once we had validated our MVP, we began to grow the team to include other members of the Three Deep team to help with Marketing, Sales, Support, and UX.

This required that we introduce new processes and modify existing ones in order to be more agile. This helped influence the entire agency, which greatly improved service delivery across the entire business.