Steward is aptly dubbed the 'world's first crowdfarmig platform,' connecting investors to sustainable farms and the farmers who tend them.

I worked closely with the founding team to help consolidate all elements of their brand and prepare their MVP for their entrance to the market.

Key experiences include informational landing pages for both Farmers and Investors and stories from successfully funded farms. Farmers are able to submit their projects to the marketplace, and investors are able to build their profiles and invest.



Steward Farm Trust

Raise Capital

Farmers are able to submit a farm plan that helps effectively present their farm to potential investors. This includes details about marketing and sales, team members, the land, farm assets, and more.

Farm Plan Checklist

Personal Information

Business Information

Marketing & Sales

Site Assessment


Investors are able to create an Investor profile, and can invest in individual farms or the Steward Farm Trust, a real estate investment trust (REIT) that holds an interest in all farms approved on the Steward platform.

Investmet Details

Investment Complete